Department of communication, FGU

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Department Features

The Department of Communication follows the educational goals of the school and the department, and has the following characteristics:
1. In order to make students learn more systematically, the teaching program is planned to "creative communication course", "marketing communication course" and "pop music communication course", respectively, to cultivate plane, electronic media, advertising public relations and pop music fields. The omni-directional communication of talents, the teaching staff are all graduated from famous universities at home and abroad, and have rich media practice experience, each teacher has a high degree of teaching enthusiasm.

2.The interaction between teachers and students is good, the overall atmosphere is harmonious and harmonious, the student self-governing society, the multimedia professional website Lanyang Net and the Voice of Buddhism Radio, the University of Buddhism Network TV and other student practice intermediaries under the guidance of the teacher, Enthusiastic operation.

3.Long-term cooperation with top domestic communication companies, student internship units include major TV stations, radio stations, media production centers, etc. Students have a variety of industry internship opportunities.

4.The department has a rich student practice center. The school has radio, TV studio and guide room, multimedia practice editing platform and editing equipment, perfecting the new working environment and connecting with the industry. Students can apply the theory of communication. Practice in practice.

5. Teachers and students often undertake the communication design, filming and public relations work of the school. They also often participate in actual shooting or recording of competition films during extracurricular time. Strengthen practical experience and enhance the students' image realization opportunities and honors of participating in the competition under the guidance of teachers. heart.