Department of communication, FGU

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Head of Department the words

Cultivate communication elites, embrace the shining future
The Department of Communication has cultivated
digital media, advertising public relations, popular music communication,
all-media, and full-disciplinary cross-disciplinary talents,
creating a full-fledged communication elite, flying over the world,
and letting the ability be seen globally.
  • When the Internet brings you closer to me, the world is in a big change.In order to cope with the changes in the era of new technology and new media, the Department of Communication has already prepared for the cultivation of "future" students a few years ago.Let graduates adapt well when they step into the society, and have the ability to learn for life, and continue to advance and improve.
  • The department has a "digital media group", an "advertising public relations group" and a "pop music communication group".Corresponding to the "Creative Communication Course", "Marketing Communication Course" and "Popular Music Communication Course" respectively.In order to develop students’ cross-disciplinary skills, under the framework of the school-driven curriculum,Students in this department are flexible, diverse and self-directed.In addition to learning the knowledge, skills and emotional accidents of the professional courses of the department, and can also extend the learning in related fields, deepen and expand the ability of professional communication to enhance the competitiveness of the workplace.
  • In the face of competition in the new era, the education field must keep pace with the times.We know that the study of knowledge will no longer be the main teaching goal. For the cultivation of talents,the Department of Communication is not only concerned with the student church, but also the ability to develop students' application and analysis, evaluation and creation.From the lower grades to the upper grades, there are steps and methods to gradually deepen the competitiveness of high-level, so that students can construct a whole picture from learning and create themselves from the process.
  • The teaching of this department emphasizes both theory and practice, professionalism and character advancement, seeking development in pragmatism, seeking excellence in excellence, and the ability of students to connect with the industry.We also have a full range of planning and support, freshman and sophomore strive to improve basic skills and enrich professional knowledge and skills;The juniors deepen their practical ability, supplemented by the internship media and internships in the industry, and prepare for the industry's ability;Through the graduation production and performances, the seniors will showcase the learning outcomes of the capstone course. Through the learning ladder and stage built by the department, the career will be seamlessly integrated and graduated.
  • With the development of telecommunications technology, the earth has been squeezed flat, and "globalization" has entered a more intense stage. Today, when the geographical boundaries are blurred, the exploration and experience of the external world has become an indispensable part of cultivating future capabilities.Many outstanding students of this department have stood out from the competition of the exchange of students in Korea, the United States, and the mainland through the recommendation of the teachers.Some students have been selected to go to the south to internships or serve as international volunteers, thus expanding the global vision, making the university career more colorful, and accumulating the energy of flying over the world, greatly enhancing the competitiveness of career development. 
  • In addition to the four years of baptism in the Department of Communication Studies,In order to make graduates' career path more advanced,We have also well planned the "five-year consistent" course.Start applying for the course at the beginning of the senior year by applying,Encourage outstanding students to stay in the department for master's degree.With the school's scholarship grant, it is efficient, economical and competitive, and the CP value is very high.
  • When a university bachelor’s degree has become a universal education,Having a degree in a research institute can add value to your career.The Institute of the Department provides a convenient and broad path for those who are graduating students or who want to pursue further studies.In order to shorten the number of years of study, the incumbent is also welcome to take the pre-requisite course of the Master's Degree in Communication Studies.Re-connect the official master's course, through this phased but integrated approach,A dream of a master's degree, and can continue to accumulate personal advantages, and create the peak of career.
  • Over the years, the teachers and secretaries of the Department of Communication have dedicated their dedication and care to their classmates, so that no mathematics can be promoted and thrived in a beautiful campus.
    Many alumni have shown extraordinary performance in the dissemination of related industries or various industries, and have become the aura of Foguang University."Opportunities are always reserved for those who are ready." At this time of high competition, the Department of Communication will continue to work hard to meet various challenges and severe tests.With excellent teaching, exquisite academics, intimate counseling and dedicated service, we will continue to enhance the reputation of our department and cultivate outstanding talents who are outstanding and outstanding.In order to adapt to the rapidly changing society, we will greet and share the glorious moments of all students together.
    We sincerely welcome you to join the ranks of the Department of Communication and Research at Foguang University, let yourself come in and see it for the world.
Xu Ming Zhu, Head of Department of Communication, Fo Guang University