Department of communication, FGU

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Education goals

The Department of Communication follows the objectives and educational goals of the school and the institution. As far as the university department is concerned, the Department of Communication aims to cultivate professionals with news, advertising, radio, television and digital communication, in addition to producing print media and electronic media content. And become the top leader and practitioner in the communications industry in an international and caring local learning environment.
(1) Cultivating professionals who spread creativity and technology applications. The department's characteristics are to train professionals with the characteristics and skills of "creative communication", to use the various influential vehicle functions of the media to develop creative communication channels and to enhance the communication industry and cultural and creative industries. With media expertise that combines theoretical and practical knowledge, living and learning is used by communication agencies and media organizations to become professionals in modern creative communication.
(2) Cultivate talents related to media and communication marketing Another feature of the department is to train professionals with "marketing communication" characteristics and skills, focusing on advertising and public relations strategies and planning, from the perspective of practical operations, to explore the application and operation of marketing communication strategies. The marketing communication program focuses on creative performance and tool application, closely follows the marketing communication and promotes the integration and application of cultural and creative industries, and further integrates the planning of life creative and cultural and creative industry activities with the planning and implementation of marketing strategies.
(3) Cultivate talents who abide by the professional ethics of communication and take care of social responsibilities Foguang University is the crystallization of a million people who are studying, a public university dedicated to the society by Buddhists, and a refined university that focuses on humanities education.
(4) Cultivate communication and creative thinking and media integration talents The overall teaching and training of the department combines and develops students' multiple creative thinking. It aims to cultivate students' creative methods of thinking, as well as the technical ability to think creatively, and fully understand the characteristics of the media, media integration, and make students become the most demanded media. Creative integration of talent.