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Congratulations! The 3rd Golden Bee Award The Department of Communication Studies won the first prize of the school's autonomous community evaluation and the Sanhao Performance Community Award.

  • 2019-03-05
  • communication網站管理員
    On December 19th, at the Wynn Pavilion of Fo Guang University, the third session of the Golden Bee Awards Awards and Student Association Handover Ceremony was held by the Student Union. The teachers and students of all the conferences also dressed up to attend this important ceremony. In addition to watching the very heavy handover ceremony and the rich and beautiful community performances, each of the short-listed societies is also looking forward to winning.
    The Society of Communication Studies was shortlisted for the three major awards in this year's Golden Bee Awards: the Special Event Award, the Self-Registration of the School Community, and the Sanhao Campus Excellence Club Award, which competed with the other finalists for the three major awards. And won the third gold bee award of the three good performance community awards first and the school community evaluation self-determination first, the news came, the teachers and students are salty and uplifting!
    Director Xu Mingzhu of the Department of Communication said happily: "I saw that every time the classmates carefully organized the activities, the growth was pleasant and joyful. I am very happy to learn that I can win a number of awards this year. She also thanked all the students of the Institute for their hard work. In addition to assisting the department to share the department, it is even more commendable. In the invisible, the students' centripetal force to the communication department is condensed.
    Zheng Chenyou, president of the Society, said: "This award is the result of a hard year's work for the students of the society. I hope that this concept and glory will be passed on to the next Institute of Communication Studies, and the eleventh cadres will be able to spread. The Institute of Science and Technology is getting better and better."