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FGU COMM "Running Man" on March 7th

  • 2019-03-11
  • communication網站管理員
Department of Student Union (Reporting / photography)
    The annual "Running Man" event of the Department of Communication officially started on March 7th! The event was completed by all the eleventh cadres of the Institute of Communication Studies. In addition to the exciting brand-name battle, the planning and safety of the venue, as well as the process design of the entire event, were held again and again during meetings and discussions. It is generated so that all participating members of the communication department can have a happy evening.
    Just at 6 o'clock in the evening, many members of the Communication Department came to the scene to wait before the event. Everyone was ready to take away the other brands' brands, but before that, each team had to go through three small games. The chances of the last killing are "Photography", "Hands-up" and "Hunter". Each group game tests the tacit understanding and coordination between the players, and the victory of the game determines Priority to start power.
    Breaking the "Do not run in the corridor" rule, the main event "Running Man" can be said to be an activity that needs to move up and down. The priority team will get the advantage of choosing a position. The slower team will need to be careful of every corner. The threats and ambushes, how to seize other people's famous brands while keeping their lives on the field, became the most important topic of the night; twenty minutes after the game started, four "great kings with two chances of resurrection" The teams that appeared in the corridors and smothered each other began to flee in the blink of an eye, and some of the well-established squads began planning to capture the high-profile brands on the back of the Big Devil. The six teams that entered the floor were closed one by one. Came to the final first floor, along with the final rule of prohibiting alliances, the atmosphere of the small pair is more tense than the original, the fifth squad and the big demon who are still sound in size are rampant in the corridor, and the teams are fragmented. The small players, some tried to counterattack, and some hid in the dark corner.
    At the end of the game, the whistle sounded, and the fifth team won the championship without any doubt. Regardless of the ranking, all the members of the communication department who participated in the event had a wonderful night. The event was drawn after the happy photo. Dot.