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The 12th Communication and Development Seminar - Announcement of the "Communication of Technology and Technology"

  • 2019-03-05
  • communication網站管理員
Seminar Name: 12th Communication and Development Seminar - "Communication and Technology Fair"
Organizer: Department of Communication, Foguang University
Processing time: May 23, 108 (four)
Location: Yilan Jiaoxi Foguang University
Origin and description:
Communication is closely related to the social environment. Facing the rapid changes of the modern social environment, communication and cross-collection of various disciplines not only change the way of communication and interpersonal interaction, but also promote the change of human society. What is the scope of communication? What is the direction of communication? It has always been a matter of debate. In response to the development track of the era of the times, it is necessary to rethink the relationship between communication and technology, and to reflect on the communication research and education in the new era, how to integrate with science and technology.
Therefore, in the face of the new social form of communication and technological development, how can communication and social science researchers rethink the development of communication education and research from the perspective of "communication and technology", and contribute to the future communication and environmental development? . This seminar of the Communication and Technology Fair of the Department of Communication, Foguang University, attempts to start from these two aspects, invites researchers and industrial workers to dialogue and discuss future communication and technology issues. Welcome to visit and participate. discuss.
The sub-questions for this seminar are as follows:
Topic 1: Issues related to communication and technology in society
Topic 2: Relevant sub-topics on communication and technology
Topic 3: Application and Issues of Communication and Technology in Education
Topic 4: Communication and Technology in Industry Applications
Topic 5: Application and Discussion of Communication and Technology in Research
Topic 6: Application and Discussion of Communication and Technology in Marketing Communication
Item 7: Other topics related to this workshop
 seminar manuscript form:
Contributions are welcome for academic papers, case reports, teaching cases, industry reports, and technical reports.
Participation, review method:
The operation of this seminar, two-stage double-blind review: the number of abstract words is limited to 800 to 1,200 words. Those who pass the abstract review must submit the full text (limited to 8,000~12,000 words) for the second stage review within one month. Qualified persons will be invited to publish papers or reports in the form of "mouth hair" or "wall report".
 summary submissions need to know:
Abstract submission deadline: March 29, 2019 (5)
All emails will be submitted. Please indicate the "12th Communication and Development Seminar".
The summary review results will be announced on April 1, 2019 (MON) in the Department of Communication, Faguang University.
other notes:
The presentation of the seminar posters: The posters of the papers are produced by the unit and posted on the conference venue. The authors are free to attend the seminar.
The organizer has the right to publish the contents of the paper in the printed matter, webpage or CD-ROM related to the organizer. The author will indicate the author and source according to the academic paper convention.
Where the copyright is involved in the paper, please obtain the written consent of the original author or the publisher in advance. The organizer of this event is not responsible for copyright.
According to academic practice, all manuscripts may not be published in any seminars, journals or under review.
contact method:
Miss Lin
Contact number: (03) 987-1000 to 23701
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