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The sixth night of communication in Fo Guang University

  • 2019-03-05
  • communication網站管理員
    The 6th Communication Night was grandly launched at the Wynn Pavilion of Foguang University. The public relations group, the digital media group, and the three freshmen of the pop music group combined with the relevant courses and professional content of the Communication Department to perform a wonderful stage feast. . In addition to being a teacher, the judge specially invited the guest composer Tang Yunhuan as the opening of the night of judging and communication. Using guitar and harmonica to sing a moving Hakka song, the atmosphere of the scene gradually boiled.
    This time, the freshmen brought performances of singing, dance and drama. No matter which one made the audience react to the laughter and applause. The group of pop music groups sang, the strong hand movements showed the mood of the songs, and the later songs and dances also brought the atmosphere. The two-person singer of the digital media group, with the help of the guitar, makes the teacher Tang Yunhuan feel like a homemade song performance, and the song is also affirmed. The song and dance drama also uses the common childhood to make the audience into the atmosphere. The performance of the advertising public relations group is presented by the MV. The simple costumes and props let the students experience the situation, seamless coordination and smooth movements. They don’t know that they are rehearsing for the first time today, showing their cohesiveness. This performance shows the characteristics of each group of freshmen, so that communication is not limited to words and images, but also has a considerable fire in the performance of body language, showing the diversity of communication.
    After the performance of the Dashengsheng performance, the students of the current Department of the Academy performed a well-rehearsed drama. Through this year, they became the voice of the Institute, confused from the original doubts, quarrels and shirks after the work, and later understanding and cooperation. The complete display of the history of the society, so that the students under the stage also resonate with each other, the ups and downs of fuel and support so that this night of communication is not only the results of the freshman's learning, but also the history of this society After the results were published, Wu Zhengshun gave a feeling after the performance, and praised the time of the event to be very precise. It can be seen that the Societys intentional planning and dedication has a leap-like growth.
    The current night of communication was won by the pop music group, but the other two groups were not discouraged because they also enjoyed the fun of participating in the event. The students interviewed this time said that everyone's performances are very exciting, and next year will bring the next school brothers and sisters to fight for glory.