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Congratulations! Yan Yaling, Department of Communication, Foguang University, shortlisted for the 107th Campus New Voice Awards Radio Competition

  • 2018-12-17
  • communication網站管理員
The shortlist of the "New Campus Awards" organized by the Zhengsheng Broadcasting Company in 107 was announced! The jury members carefully evaluated in more than 100 entries, and finally 17 outstanding works including Wenzao Foreign Language University, Shixin University, Foguang University, Fu Jen University, Political University, Ming Chuan University and Nanhua University stood out. Yan Yaling, Department of Communication, Fo Guang University, was shortlisted for the "Breakfast View of the Breakfast Shop" - the host of the advertising marketing category.
The instructor Song Ming pointed out that the "Campus New Sound Award" of Zhengyin Broadcasting has been held for many years and is an indicator of the broadcast competition in the minds of students. It is not easy to be a finalist in the works! Yan Yaling's work "The Scenery of the Breakfast Shop" was shortlisted - the performance of the show host of the advertising marketing class is worthy of recognition.
Yan Yaling, Department of Communication, Buddhism, said that the teaching of the Department of Communication at Foguang University focuses on practical and theoretical. Using this off-campus competition to examine the strength of self-learning skills, and to exchange learning with other schools, the works can be shortlisted, I really appreciate the affirmation of the jury, and thank the teachers for their guidance and experience.
This year's awards ceremony is specially planned in the Zhongshan Hall Fortress Hall, which is rich in humanistic art. The finalists and participating students are invited to participate in the event in this culturally rich space. The finalists are divided into "Social Education", "Music Program", "Advertising Marketing" and "Creative Video". On December 8th, a number of special, superior and good works will be selected. In addition to the awards, the winners will have a bonus of up to 20,000 yuan! The "Campus New Sound Awards" Awards Ceremony will be held at 10:00 am on Saturday, December 8, 2007 at the Zhongshan Hall (2F, 98 Yanping South Road, Taipei).