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Honor Roll Congratulations! Foguang University women's basketball team won the 107th school UBA junior college basketball league open women's team champion. The light of the Department of Communication, LUO PEI ZHEN, LUO PEI YI, sisters choose their love, boldly chasing dreams
Announcement FGU COMM "Running Man" on March 7th
Honor Roll Congratulations! The 3rd Golden Bee Award The Department of Communication Studies won the first prize of the school's autonomous community evaluation and the Sanhao Performance Community Award.
Announcement The 12th Communication and Development Seminar - Announcement of the "Communication of Technology and Technology"
Announcement The sixth night of communication in Fo Guang University
Honor Roll Congratulations! Wang Jiaoyu's photography work of the Department of Communication won the award of Taiqing Watching Wuhan Photography Exhibition
Honor Roll Congratulations! Students of the Department of Communication, Buddhism, won the Gemalan Motor Passenger Transport - Microfilm Campaign 1st
Honor Roll Congratulations! Yan Yaling, Department of Communication, Foguang University, shortlisted for the 107th Campus New Voice Awards Radio Competition
Announcement The Voice of FGU Radio Station's first Lin Mei Music Festival Lin Mei's dominance You can!
Announcement Teacher Tan Yanting from Malaysia visited the Department of Communication Encourage university education and innovation to exchange students' views on mutual benefit and international vision